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     Boat Handling
Owner Maintenance
I offer my services to you to instruct you in safe handling of your new craft, from docking
proceedures to tying her in your slip! How and what to dictate to your mates or guests
who are helping!! Even teach your wife or children safe handling of your boat, if for
some reason you are unable. I offer hands-on, at the dock or underway, all you need to
know to be comfortable handling your vessel..
How many boat owners wish they could do some or much of the repairs
themselves, normal maintenance, winterizations, spring startups? How many
wish they knew more than they do about the operation of their powerplants, and
all the auxillary equipment aboard their boat? To perform normal routine checks
to assure all is working properly? Know when something is amiss?
Many boaters out there wish they knew more, and could do more themselves.

I offer a service to do just that! Teaching you at any level you choose, to take
care of your own vessel, however involved you wish to get. Basic engine and
genset servicing, fresh water system, sanitation, air cond. As basic, or as
in-depth as you wish to learn and do yourself, I will teach you all there is to know
about all the systems on your vessel. How to prepare your boat for cold weather,
either layup, or still overboard. What to do each spring in preparation for the new
season. What items should be addressed in what intervals.
Looking to save your hard earned money, and be able to enjoy your vessel at a
lesser expense? Then do more yourself, and have me teach you how!!!!