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During one of the worst storms to hit Lake Ontario in the fall of
2007, Capt. Felmey and his sons serving as crew, commenced
delivering my recently purchased 41 ft. Silverton from there to
Virginia. While enroute, the port engine failed, but Capt. Felmey and
crew navigated my boat with one engine from Troy NY on the
Hudson to Avalon NJ, where it was agreed upon that the boat would
be hauled there for him to make the repairs. I wish I had hired him
for the survey as well. I had anticipated engine trouble, and sure
enough, Tom informed me that the engine needed to be replaced
and the transmission would need repair or replacement.
Tom spent a tremendous amount of time working to get the boat
into tiptop shape. At every turn, Tom had my best interest foremost
in his mind.
The work was completed well below the cost I had anticipated. Capt.
Felmey then delivered my boat as promised to my marina and then
went over the boat in detail.
I consider Capt. Felmey as a true professional with an honest work
ethic. In addition, I have learned to trust his judgement and consider
him a friend.
He is returning this spring to my marina to tweek my engines, and
review all the mechanical systems, as well as help me prepare the
bottom for a full season. Plus I hope he throws in a few more
motoring lessons; he was very smooth behind the wheel. I can learn
much from him.
I am available as a reference if ever a question is asked. I may be
reached at       571-436-7549.
Good luck Capt.Felmey, and I look forward to the summer of 2008,
knowing you have my back!

Joel A. Hendelman, Battalion Chief
City of Fairfax Fire Department
Fairfax, Virginia
We were so happy with his services and work ethic,we hired Tom again to help us tune the motors and
deliver our boat 100 miles north up the coast of new jersey. During the voyage, we found we were taking
on a considerable amount of water. Turns out the aft bilge ran but didnt pump water, and we had blown a
few fasteners below the waterline. We found a nice size leak at the garboard seam near the bow. We
pulled into the closest port and Tom replaced the pump and lines as speedy as a member of a pit crew in
the indy 500. we fueled up and were off. Tom is coming up once more to help us repair the leaky seams
and refasten the hull, and show us how to make and install saddle ribs and such, as well as consult on
numerous other upgrades and additions.
I am sure I can think of many other projects we will be doing that have Tom written all over them. If you
are just getting started, or consider yourself an old salt, Tom is the guy you want in your corner,( or bilge
in our case!)

                                                                                           Todd Maiorano
                                                                                         1968 Chriscraft Corinthian
I am the proud new owner of a 1968 38' Chris Craft Corinthian Sedan. We originally hired Tom in the late
summer of 2009 to perform a in and out of water survey on our new purchase. After the survey was
completed, we knew we found the right captain. The amount of expertise, knowledge and real world
experiences Tom shared with us was mind boggling. His attention to detail throughout the survey was
unbelievable. I have been boating for awhile, and I learned more in 4 hours during the survey than I have in
all my ten years of boating. Tom was able to give detailed information on all aspects of our boat from the
wood hull construction, finish work, electronics, engines, plumbing, maintenance,winterization, etc. You
name it,he knew it inside out.
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